A Little Book Brag

I wanted to brag just a little– Ok, maybe a lot. My dear friend and fellow Health Coach Karen Thomas has written and published her first book. It’s called, Overwhelmed & Undernourished: Use Food as Medicine and Turn Your Life Around. It’s available at Amazon.

But for me, it’s actually kind of a double brag– on one hand, it’s a brag on my friend Karen, yes. But on the other hand, it’s also my brag because I was the Chief Editor. Not only did I do all the substantive, developmental edits, and help her whip it into shape for publishing, but I also formatted it for submission and co-wrote the introduction.

It was a labor of love. Her book started out as a first draft in rough shape. She told me she was a “crappy writer” and she had no idea how to write something like this. I told her I was pretty sure I could help her.

She got started writing her book in the Launch Your Dream Book® course through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition®, where we both graduated in 2015. There were a few hundred students in this book writing course. They all had the option to enter their books into a Top 10 Author Contest (by a deadline). It became a prime motivation for all the students to shine their best work possible.

Although I never knew the exact number of submissions, it’s estimated there were over a hundred submissions into the contest. The prize was reimbursed tuition, a book blurb from the esteemed school founder, and a special listing of their winning book on the Institute’s website.

After I’d begun helping Karen work on her book, she told fellow students how happy she was with my work. Karen recommended me as an Editor, early on. Another student (and fellow IIN® alumni) inquired about my services but wasn’t yet ready. She waited a few months before asking for my services.

This other book was a different type of manuscript and needed a different type of editing. In spite of major time constraints, I became her Consulting Editor. The job was only difficult due to extremely limited time for her deadline. I learned a lot from this experience– mainly, I probably won’t agree to anymore rush jobs. The time vacuum it creates where best protocols can’t be followed simply isn’t worth the stress– for anyone, editor or writer. Her book is (Self-Care is the New Health-Care®, by Melissa Vance).  But as they say, “All’s well that ends well.” Despite the stress and rush, things worked out all right for everyone. She was able to get her book submitted in time for the contest and it did well.

The great news is– both of the books I edited were selected as winners in the Launch Your Dream Book® Top 10 Authors Contest. Additionally, Karen’s book has gone on to earn a 5-star review by Mary C. Blowers at Reader’s Favorite. It is a great read. A real page turner– and pretty quick too. In her story, you won’t believe how much Karen had to overcome these last few years, to find health again.

Now that I’ve got that done and totally rocked, I’m ready to take on more projects.
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