My Holistic Side

How I Found the “Write” Stuff

Allow me to tell you a quick, little story.
It’s the story of how my Holistic Health Coaching training and certification led me into a slightly different, but still a Holistic-related career. It’s a calling which allows me to use a culmination of my background and previous educations– and brings me tremendous joy.
It’s a view into my Holistic Side.

Discovered a Disturbing Trend

Back when I was finishing my training as a Holistic Health Coach, I was voraciously reading written work from various practitioners in the Holistic Wellness space–both established and budding practitioners. I was reading their books, articles, blog posts, marketing materials, you name it.

Interestingly, I began to see a pattern.

Even though I knew many of these people, and I was familiar with their exceptional training and knowledge– their writing frequently did not embody their expertise. (In some cases, that was putting it nicely.)

They were either haphazardly tossing words, sentences, and paragraphs together (and formatting it badly), or they were choosing wrong words and being careless with grammar and punctuation– or both. Their meaning was getting lost. They were missing the mark.

This is disturbing because if they do not radiate their expertise, or come across as the credible and brilliant practitioner I know they are, they won’t be taken seriously, much less read, or hired.

I want all of us in the Holistic Wellness fields to Rock the “Ripple Effect,” as Joshua Rosenthal of IIN® has always encourages us to do. For each person we help, they go on to shine their great and positive example to others– prompting many of them to improve their lives as well. Rippling outward.

Holistic Wellness Writers Was Born
I saw a need for someone to offer gentle guidance to Holistic Practitioners (of all types) on how to come across more clearly, credibly, concisely, and polished. If they sound knowledgeable and credible, then readers will gradually get to “know, like and trust them.” And that is how readers become clients. But we have to shine our brilliant talents first.

Before becoming a Health Coach, I was writing in various contexts for years– and learned some great editing skills along the way. I’ve cultivated my writing, publishing, and marketing experience. Over time, I earned my degree in Communications and gained a background in Psychology. And– I have ace copywriting training.

I have always wanted to discover a way to put my myriad of life experiences and educations to use– to be of service. As this opportunity presented itself, I took on the challenge and manifested it. That’s when I rebranded my old, side-business (High Desert Web Writers) into my full-time joy: Holistic Wellness Writers.

With training as a Holistic Practitioner, myself—I want to see millions get the Integrative, Functional, and Holistic Wellness help they need to live their best life and dreams. I want to see all the Holistic Wellness Practitioners step up and get their beautiful messages out there to the right people, in the right way. Allow me to help you get it done.

As the Editor, Writer, and Coach I am at heart, I’m here to help You, help scores of people. Let’s ROCK this.

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Be Well,

Last edited: July 2017