Adding to the Mix

Health Reassembled

Healthy RecipesJust a quick check-in today. I’ll gradually get things put back together. . . although in a somewhat different form than before. The reclaiming of my scary-cluttered, extra room– into my Home Office space, is also coming along.

Rebuilding a website is. . . interesting. So many things to do!  Soon, I’ll be re-posting some First Steps. Those can help get you started on your Taking Back Wellness Journey. For now, I’ve rounded up a few videos in the “Video” tab (appropriately enough). A few in the “Like-Minded People” tab. . . of my Heros of Health & Wellness, and one in the “Recipe Videos” tab, of David Wolfe showing how he makes one of his many blended vegetable drinks. I’ve also grabbed a juice recipe for you, under the Recipes tab. There will be lots more to come.

I expect things might get shuffled around a bit, as I re-establish a nicer “theme” for the site, and settle on a different “look.” Things may need to be re-organized, so please bear with me.  It’s coming along!  And that’s kind of how it’s been working with the taming of my office too.
I’ll be back soon with another post for you. In the meantime . . .
Thanks for your patience,
Be Well,

Life Happens!

Sometimes, life has a habit of tossing curve-balls our way, or raining on our parade. And when it does, we’re best off Lightning in Tucumcari, NMjust rolling with it. That’s not always easy, but ya do the best you can. When storms roll in, enjoy the lightning and look for the rainbow.

Today, just a quick note to check in and let you know I’m still alive. LOL
When I started rebuilding this website in December 2015, I thought I was going to be back at it full-time. But some things came up, life clouded me up with some stuff to deal with, and too many things to get done, all at once, or so it seemed. It has taken more time than I’d anticipated. Then, there is always the thing with overwhelm.

“Oh My God, It’s Full of Stars!”
No, not really, I just always liked that quote from the movie, 2001.
Have you ever had one of those rooms– a guest room, a study, or some other “extra room,” in your home, where stuff just accumulates. It becomes so full of– stuff, that it’s hard to navigate in there. You have “plans” for it, and you need to get around to cleaning it up, clearing it out, or some other form of organizing it. Then, you can use it for a greater purpose. But every time you open the door– you’re hit with a fright, your breath gets caught in your throat, you swallow a little scream, squeeze your eyes shut, and quickly close the door. Only then can you seem to breath again. “Whew! That was scary! I can’t possibly go in there. It’s just too much.”

Yeah, I have one of those rooms I’m trying to turn into my Home Office (& Radio Room). That is one project hanging me up. But the other one– & I keep allowing it to create a sense of overwhelm– is the rebuilding of this website. It seems when I have one of these “scary-big” projects, the ones that I somehow just keep avoiding, they almost always end up not being nearly as bad as the dread was making it seem. Once I figure out how to “chunk-it” out, it becomes easier.

Pace Yourself
I also realized, maybe I’d put too much on my proverbial plate. It’s hard to work on the website, when I really have no space in which to work! Therefore, I decided one thing at a time, and the clearing of the office needs to come first. Once I get that about halfway through, I can have a space to work undisturbed (mostly). I can then continue to chunk away at it, while I periodically work on rebuilding the site. Then I can also finish creating the programs I want to be able to offer you.

I simply have to be kind to myself and realize I am one person. I can only do so much in a day. I will get these tasks (more…)

Welcome Back!!

Thanks for visiting Taking Back Wellness.
Del Rey Beach, Florida PalmIf this is your first visit, then Welcome. I appreciate your time and attention. I don’t take it for granted, and it’s my intention to deliver to you valuable content and services.

If you are returning, you will notice everything looks different now. Yep! I had some technical issues. I wasn’t equipped for them, but it’s taught me a thing or two about security. I was right in the middle of a year-long course of study. Life was tossing wrenches into the works, every whichway! Then the hack. Ugh!
I’ve had to hit the re-set button!

What’s New and Different?
In summer 2015, I completed my year-long study and earned my certification as a Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. I was about to add more content to this site (Yay!). . .then– I had a death in my family. So I needed to hit the pause-button for a time. I had to deal with and process the loss, before I could get back to getting this site put back together.

Crazy thing is, the older I get, the more people I lose (physical dying is a part of living– sigh). I’ve actually been through a couple of such losses in the last several months. But Life (for me anyway) goes on. Onward! Next, I’ll be adding that content I promised and I’ll be putting together some awesome services and package programs for you.

Oh– and I’m expandigng services. Initially, I was going to have just my Holistic Health Coaching packages and services offered. But now, I’ll be adding– Oh what to call it? It’s more than just editing services. I suppose I’ll call it, Editing, Book-Doctoring, and Communications Coaching packages and services– specifically for Holistic Health Practitioners.

So I’m back at this website building thing again. Unfortunately, it seems most was lost of the former information and pages. So I’m starting from scratch. . . again. I know! Kind of a bummer, as I don’t even remember what all was there. I had a backup. . . somewhere. But I’ll be darned if I can find it now.

But. . . NOT the end of the world as we know it, right? Maybe it’s best to start fresh. We will simply BREATHE through it and bring it back in a  even better form.

You Might Be Asking, “What exactly, IS Taking Back Wellness anyway?”Lotus

In a Nutshell . . . Taking Back Wellness is my website & business which offers you information, resources, and services– for guiding you back to your most vital and energetic health and wellbeing. It’s guidance for you to reclaim your best YOU!

If you have been searching for why you feel sick and tired, and no one has been able to help you– stick around and visit frequently! I’ll have lots of information and services here for you (as I re-build).

It Does NOT Have to be That Way!
If doctor, after doctor, after doctor, has told you, “It’s just part of aging. You might as well get used to it.” I call BS! They simply don’t have (more…)