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My Heros of Health & Wellness!

For many years, I’ve felt that our society does not generally offer us “Healthcare,” but rather pushes “Illness Care,” upon us (mostly just covering up symptoms).  Don’t get me wrong, I believe there is certainly a place for fixing a damaged bone, surgery to save us from a bursting appendix, or assisting the body to filter it’s blood, until balance can be restored. I even believe in medicating severe pain. . .  again, until repair and balance is achieved. But FAR too often, these approaches have been overly utilized to mask the damage from poor lifestyle choices. It’s a twisted, and unhealthy environment to live in, and this paradigm needs to change.

I believe the current illness-centered system hampers the wellness journey. Many of us have suffered the various mystery illnesses as a result. Only recently has our society really begun to embrace a more holistic view of prevention and rebalancing.

There are several people entering the recent Health and Wellness scene and they practice something called “Functional” Healthcare or “Integrative” Healthcare. They are my Health & Wellness Heros!  They echo my thoughts, ideas, and mindset about the Health and Wellness Journey. People like: Dr. Lissa Rankin, Dr. Sara Gottfried, Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Joshua Axe, Dr. Daniel Amen, Deepak Chopra, David Avocado Wolfe, Donna Gates, Dave Asprey, and many others.

This page is under construction. . . But MORE is Coming soon! Even from me, at some point soon!
For now, I offer a handful of my favorite video messages from My Heros of Health & Wellness.

Here, Dr. Lissa Rankin, MD shares one of her messages for your Taking Back Wellness Journey (About 18 minutes) . . .

Dr. Sara Gottfried, MD talks about Toxic Overload and Detoxification, at the Women’s Wellness Conference, September 2014. (About 7 minutes)

Dr. Sara Gottfried, MD is interviewed by David Wolfe about Toxicity and Detoxing – “Detoxification Made Simple,” at The Women’s Wellness Conference in September 2014. (About 20 minutes)

Great interview: Jonathan Fields interviews Dr. Sara Gottfried, MD about Biohacking hormones and reclaiming your life, with a splash of Inner Divinity and Grace. (About 55 minutes)

Dave Asprey (aka The Bulletproof Executive) gives us his Six Biohacks That Will Change Your Life (about 24 minutes).

David “Avocado” Wolfe talking about Toxicity (About 9 minutes) . . .