Life Happens!

Sometimes, life has a habit of tossing curveballs our way or raining on our parade. And when it does, we’re usually best off Lightning in Tucumcari, NMjust rolling with it. That’s not always easy, but ya do the best you can. Don’t let the stress get to you. Breathe. When storms roll in, enjoy the lightning and look for the rainbow.

Today, just a quick note to check in and let you know I’m still alive. LOL
When I started rebuilding this website in December 2015, I thought I was going to be back at it full-time. But things came up. Life clouded me up with some stuff to deal with, and too many things to get done– all at once, or so it seems. It has taken more time than I’d anticipated. Funny how that happens. Then, there is always the thing with overwhelm. See? You’re not the only one who finds themselves stuck in overwhelm.

“Oh My God, It’s Full of Stars!”
No, not really, I just always liked that quote from the movie, 2001.
Have you ever had one of those rooms– a guest room, a study, or some other “extra room,” in your home, where stuff just accumulates. It becomes so full of– stuff, that it’s hard to navigate in there. Perhaps you have “plans” for it, and you want to clean it up, clear it out, or some other form of organizing it. Then, you can finally use it for your greater purpose.

But every time you open the door– you’re hit with a fright, your breath gets caught in your throat, you swallow a little scream, squeeze your eyes shut, and quickly close the door. Only then can you seem to breathe again. “Whew! That was scary! I can’t possibly go in there. It’s just too much.”

Yeah, I have one of those rooms I’m working to turn into my Home Office (& Radio Room). It’s the one project hanging me up this year. But the other one– and I keep allowing it to create a sense of overwhelm– is the rebuilding of this website. It seems when I have one of these “scary-big” projects, the ones I somehow keep avoiding, they almost always end up not being nearly as bad as the dread was making it seem. Once I figure out how to “chunk it” out, it becomes easier. So let’s breathe together, and get to it.

Pace Yourself
I eventually realized, maybe I’d put too much on my proverbial plate. This took some of the stress off of me. It’s hard to work on the website when I really have no space in which to work! I decided, “One thing at a time!” The clearing of my office needs to come first. Once I get about halfway through it, I’ll have a space to work undisturbed (mostly). I can then continue to chunk away at it, while I periodically work on rebuilding the site. Then I can also finish creating the programs I want to be able to offer you.

Another way I’m working to de-escalate the stress– I’m putting systems in place. Some work better than others. For now, I simply have to be kind to myself and realize I am one person. I can only do so much in a day. I will get these tasks completed– in time.

I’m still working through a few of my own health issues, even though I continue gradually improving over the past few years. Chronic fatigue is a bear! The funny thing is, when our health goes awry, it probably didn’t do so overnight. It may have taken years. It stands to reason some of the issues might take a while to completely overcome. Such is the case with the chronic fatigue I am healing from. I’ve given myself permission to take one step at a time while taking care of myself.

Humm. . . It’s kind of like how that room got to be so cluttered. It didn’t happen overnight– it got that way over time, and a few not-so-great habits. Um-hum. . . I’m seeing a pattern here! LOL

There you have it. It takes time and patience with ourselves to reclaim our health, our cluttered rooms, and get our goals punched out– one by one. It’s all a work in progress. So, I’ll bring more to the website, but I need to get my Office workable first. That is my goal for this summer. Then, I can start back with the rebuilding here. Before ya know it, this will be just how I want it. In the meantime. . .
Thanks for reading, and Be Well,

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