Holy Clock Towers, Batman!

How is it possible? Christmas has come and gone already! It seems like it was just Easter. Time seems to slip by so quickly. I know I’ve said it a few times before, but holy time-warps… Obviously, I need to improve my time-management skills!


I guess I’ve been spending SO much time working on business-building, that I forgot to come here and update you on all things… happening. I ask your forgiveness.

I’m actually juggling 2 businesses now, but they are related. Taking Back Wellness is my… I guess you could call it my “umbrella” company. No, I’m not selling umbrellas– I mean umbrella in that it “houses” my other business.

I started Taking Back Wellness in… the spring of 2013. But as of April 2017, I created Taking Back Wellness, LLC and under this, is my “DBA” (Doing Business As) company, Holistic Wellness Writers. While I am still a certified holistic health coach, I’m also a writer and a terrific editor. My niche is helping Holistic Health Practitioners write more professionally and credibly, so they shine their brilliance out into the world. In this way, their clients can find them.

I’ve spent the last year working within a Business Mastermind, sharpening business skills, laying the foundation to grow my business, and learning different ways to offer my services. I’ve been working on building my Holistic Wellness Writers site, but apparently, overlooked updating you over here. (Sheepish grin) Sorry about that.

From this moment forward, I promise to become better at more consistent posting–on BOTH sites. Six to twelve times a year (or better) for each site. Ok? Ok.  Alright. I need to go fix dinner for my husband now. It’ll probably be something in my new Instant Pot. I love that thing! I’ll post later.

Be Well,

2 thoughts on “Holy Clock Towers, Batman!

  1. Thanks, Mom. I appreciate it.
    2017 has been a spectacular year for my business growth. It’s still amazing to me how much I’ve done.
    Whew! It feels pretty good.
    Thanks again… for stopping by, and for commenting.

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