Essential Oils

I’ve Got an Oil for That…

~~Paula High-Young’s dōTERRA Site~~

Are you “into” using essential oils in your home and wellness routine? Or are essential oils new to you?
Either way, I can help.

I’m a dōTERRA Essential Oils Wellness Advocate. That means I can help you learn more about using essential oils and incorporating them into your life and the lives of your family. I can teach you how to use oils to boost your health and how to replace unhealthy, toxic cleaning products.

It also means I can help you purchase dōTERRA essential oils and essential oils products, at either retail level or wholesale: your choice.

I use essential oils every day…
And I adore them– for all sorts of things. I use them for me, my environment, my husband uses them, we successfully use them on our pets. I even use them out in my garden.

It might sound corny, but using quality essential oils really have changed my life, in many ways. If you’re curious how that could be, I’m happy to chat and tell you about it– Schedule a Free Essential Oils Consultation Session with me.

Pure Essential Oils help buffer me from the effects (breathing difficulties) I would otherwise experience from exposure to other people’s use of toxic, synthetic fragrances and products they wear. I use a scarf with essential oils on it– and it’s like a shield for me– protecting me from the fumes.
There’s even a scientific explanation for how and why it works. You can ask me about it, and I’m happy to explain it.

Just for the record– 
If you are considering contacting me with questions, or to possibly purchase oils– I won’t pressure you or “make you” sell oils. I’m a very “live & let live” kind of gal. You can simply purchase and enjoy using the oils. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy them.

Feel free to just contact me— to ask any essential oil questions you might have. I’ll answer as soon as I can (usually within a business day).

Be Well,

Last edited: July 2017