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Health Reassembled

Healthy RecipesAnother quick check-in today. I’ll gradually get things put back together. . . although in a somewhat different form than before. The reclaiming of my scary-cluttered, extra room– into my Home Office space, is also coming along.

Rebuilding a website is. . . interesting. So many things to do!  Soon, I’ll be re-posting some First Steps. Those can help get you started on your Taking Back Wellness Journey. For now, I’ve rounded up a few videos in the “Video” tab (appropriately enough). A few in the “Like-Minded People” tab. . . of my Heros of Health & Wellness, and one in the “Recipe Videos” tab, of David Wolfe showing how he makes one of his many blended vegetable drinks. I’ve also grabbed a juice recipe for you, under the Recipes tab. There will be lots more to come.

I expect things might get shuffled around a bit, as I re-establish a nicer “theme” for the site, and settle on a different “look.” Things may need to be re-organized, so please bear with me.  It’s coming along!  And that’s kind of how it’s been working with the taming of my office too.
I’ll be back soon with another post for you. In the meantime . . .
Thanks for your patience,
Be Well,

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